What Our Translators Should Know About Working for Technovate Translations…

About Our Translator Positions  How do I apply to become a translator in your agency?

We have a form that you will be required to fill out. Please also include your references, copies of your certifications (if any) and your official resume.


 Which translators make it into your agency network?

All translators are welcome to apply. However, translators that are experienced, have a technical specialty, work in a rare language pair, have certification recognized by a major translation association and have formal translation education will be given more weight. You may be asked to show proof of your credentials before work is assigned to you.


 How is work assigned to me?

Each translator that makes it into our network receives a username/password. Translators may be contacted directly by a Technovate Translations representative or receive notices via our Quotes Pool and Order Pool.


 How are my assignments tracked?

Our database tracks each order and the translator assigned to that order. Translators receive automatic notifications from our system letting them know that they have been selected for the order and that they can pick it up via our system.


 How much do you pay translators?

It varies from job to job, translator experience, and specialty but the less costly you are the more likely we are to return to you with future work. We have a number of translators that give us good rates and as a result receive regular work from us.


 What are your payment terms?

We offer our clients a 30-day guarantee against all translations. Therefore we pay 60 days from translation completion. Larger jobs may be negotiated on different payment terms.






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