What Our Translators Should Know About Working for Technovate Translations…

We pride ourselves in providing extremely high quality services to our clients – and to do that we need excellent translators on our team. That's why we treat our translators so well, and give them the resources they need to keep providing us with their best. Here's what a few of our translators have said about working with us:

Technovate supports its translators

"I have enjoyed working for Technovate; I've had a good flow of assignments, ranging from big to small jobs at good rates; however, the best aspect of Technovate has been the prompt feedback from the agency whenever I needed a question answered about the material to be translated, the deadlines or any other technical aspect - such as adjusting the format of a document. In other words I have had support from the agency and the staff members with whom I've dealt have been very willing to resolve any issues quickly and to mutual satisfaction. I feel quite confident in working for Technovate."

– Alessandro Bruno


Excellent communicators for clients and translators

"The Technovate team are excellent communicators for both clients and translators. When I have a question, they are readily available by phone or email, even over the weekends. I get the answer promptly from the client through them, which keeps me on time for delivery!"

– Shogo Karitani


Highly proficient, professional and very pleasant

"Technovate Translations, part of the Technovate Group of Companies, is a very versatile and interesting company. They have quite a range of clientele. This results in many interesting language combinations and translation orders which differ in topic, level of difficulty, volume, and are usually extremely interesting and sometimes challenging, which makes working for them a real treat and pleasure for a professional translator. The company web site is a very handy tool for organising and following up with projects, and is highly appreciated by me and my colleagues. The staff is highly proficient, professional and very pleasant on a personal level. It is a special pleasure to communicate with Translations Manager Daniel Riber and Admin/Project Manager Meagan Saunders. They are extremely prompt in returning communications and are very helpful in providing additional information on the projects."

– Karl Marx


Work volume is consistent … payments always on time; a true pleasure

"We have been working with Technovate Translations consistently over the past 2 years. Their state of the art website makes it easy for vendors to claim and upload translation jobs. It rarely happens, but if we need technical support the Technovate support team is immediately available to offer a helping hand. Work volume is consistent, we get responsiveness from high level employees, payments always on time; a true pleasure."

– Olav van Zijl







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